Comparegamehosting compares different game hosting companies

In the last few years, people especially teenagers and young people are spending a lot of time gaming. They often playing multi player games where the game is hosted on a server, which the players can access from their computer or other gadgets to compete against each other. The player experience while playing the game will depend to a large extent on how fast and reliable the server is. Hence many people would like to compare the different web-hosting servers for hosting the games conveniently so that they can make the right choice. There are thousands of web hosting companies offering gaming servers, so is developed so that users can easily and quickly compare the servers on the basis of various parameters.

Games hosted

One of the criteria for comparing the various servers is the rates which they charge for different type of games which they are hosting. Counter-strike: Global offensive, ARK: Survival game, Rust, Terraria, Minecraft, Unturned, Garry’s Mod and Arma 3 are the more popular games which are hosted on the game servers. The website also provides rates for newer games like Dead matter, Path of titans , Best cube world and Hytale. At present the servers are compared for more than 180 games, with new games being added regularly, based on their popularity worldwide.

Server specifications

Another reason why comparegamehosting is popular is because it allows the user to conveniently compare the specifications and reviews of more than one hundred gaming servers in different locations worldwide. The servers are rated based on different criteria like control panel, support and chat. Most of the servers are using the TC admin control panel, while a few hosting companies have their own custom control panel. While a majority of the gaming server companies are offering customer support 24/7 , many of them also offer live chat, so that they can get any problem they face fixed quickly.


Since speed and reliability of the gaming server is very important, it is important to check the ratings and reviews of the different servers. There are many gaming servers which are inexpensive, however, they are not very reliable and may not offer customer support. Hence the servers are compared on the basis of their performance as well as the user reviews. The gaming servers are listed on the basis of their performance on a scale of zero to one hundred. The number of reviews for each gaming server company is an indication of the popularity of the company, companies with more customers will have more reviews.

Server location and other factors

The server response time will depend to some extent on where the server is located. Usually the response time will be less for users in the same country, and will be more for users in other countries. Hence many customers for gaming servers will prefer to use a server depending on where they are located. While most companies have servers in United States, European Union, United Kingdom, a few have servers in other locations like Australia, Brazil, Japan, Russia, South Korea and Canada.